4 Facts About the Liquor License in Texas

Texas residents who plan to sell or serve alcohol to the public in any capacity anywhere in the state must do so only after they’ve obtained a special license. This license is known as the TBC license and it is provided to those who are 21+ by the state who’ve completed an exam. This is the liquor license that allows you to serve beer wherever you work or no matter the type of business that you own. Attempting to serve liquor without this license is illegal and can result in the shutdown of your establishment, huge fines, and a tarnished reputation, among other serious consequences. A few more important facts about the liquor license are listed below.

Fact 1: State Exam is Required

Anyone who wants to earn a liquor license in Texas must successfully complete a state administered exam that ensues that they can safely serve alcohol to other people. There is a fee for the state exam that is non-refundable.

Fact 2: Test Fees

When you set an appointment for testing for the license, remember that there are fees associated with the test that must be paid prior to the test date. The fee is your responsibility to pay and is non-refundable.

Fact 3: Online Study Courses Available

Before taking a test, the best course of action to ensure that you know the material and that you are comfortable taking the test is to study. But how does one study for such an exam? There are tons of online study courses available, as well as forums that can help you study, learn more about the test, etc.

TBC license

Fact 4: License validation

When you pass the exam, you’ll earn a liquor license for two years. You must recertify for the license once again at the end of this two year period to remain eligible to sell or serve alcohol. This applies anywhere in the state.