Hair Fillers Used To Regrow Hair

hair fillers for thinning hair

But hair fillers are mainly used to protect hair from any further damage. Those who wish to experience a healthy and natural and free-flowing regrowth will be considering the use of protein-enriched hair fillers for thinning hair. Protein hair fillers have the ability to repair bonds damaged within the hair follicles. These fillers are using its ingredients to retain hair colors if hair has been dyed.

The manufacturers of protein fillers specify that treatments should be applied immediately before applying a dye to hair. Protein fillers are also being used prior to chemical treatments. But its most important function surely relates to its ability to repair any damage that may have occurred during cosmetic processes. Protein hair fillers are not prescribed medications and they are moderately priced to the consumer.

Hair supply stores will stock these hair fillers. It is imperative that directions be followed. In most cases only a small amount of the filler is applied to the hand. It is then massaged through the hair from its roots to its ends. After this, no rinsing need occur before starting the color or chemical processing stage. Protein fillers can also be added directly to a hair dye mixture in order to enhance the chemical bonding process to hair.

Protein hair fillers are also used as a deep conditioning treatment. After shampooing is completed, the protein filler will be diluted with water. Only two parts of the filler with one part of water will be used in this mixture. The mixture sits in the hair for no more than five minutes before rinsing is done. For easier applications, protein hair fillers can be added to a spray bottle. Finally, minimal use of this filler with hair dye is strictly advised.