Is there a doctor in the house?

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The house being your house. How long has it been since you have had a doctor make a house call? Whatever has happened to those days? Like the old folks are fond of saying; those are the days. Those are the days when doctors made house calls no matter what time of the night or early morning it was. Sensible but desperate people called him up only when there were emergencies. And then the local doctor houston tx would size up the situation, pack his medicine bag and say; hang in there, I am on my way.

But such days are few and far between for quite understandable reasons. There would simply be far too much for one general practitioner to take on his shoulders. Suburbia has grown immensely over the years. And today, it is usual business practice for most patients to simply make an appointment and wait their turn in a very busy surgery. Fortunately, the emergency side entrance remains open at all times. Surely, no medical practitioner worth his Hippocratic Oath will do otherwise. And if he does not have the capacity to deal with emergencies, he will certainly (have to) make referrals.

Today’s medical practitioners even operate online. Many people who enjoy spending personal time online benefit immensely from this practice. This is a doctor that is certainly in the house. You will be hearing it all from him on how to stay close to and as fit and healthy and happy and well as possible. That’s just to state things a little more on the realistic side because, yes, there will be so many more readers who have barely begin and still have quite a journey ahead of them on the health and wellness path.