What is the Journal of Dentistry?

It seems like everything has journals nowadays. The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Media Practice. Well, now dentistry is getting in on the act with the journal of clinical dentistry. It’s a peer-reviewed journal filled with scholarly articles on dentistry and it’s for dentists.

Most medical and financial journals are like this, and they are filled with peer-reviewed articles about medicine or finances all for people who work in the medicine or finance industry. Not too interesting to the common man. They were introduced around the 18th century, and the journals talked about very general topics, with the first one for medicine published in the U.S in 1797.

As the 20th century rolled around, the journals became more specific and focused on certain fields, and they’ve become very popular ever since. They report new research, developments, world events, and articles based on their topic, and then those articles are reviewed and commented on by peers. So, the journal of dentistry could catalog new technology in the field, the change in people’s oral health, new problems that dentists are facing, and other topics like that.

journal of clinical dentistry

Getting an article inside a scientific journal is the highlight of any professional scientist’s career, as they and their article are not only read by thousands of scientists but also go down in history in their field. Plus, it takes a lot of work to peer review, evaluate, and reference the article, so having it published in an esteemed journal is a massive recognition of the work that was done.

So if you are one of the people interested in scientific or other professional journals, know that you are reading the best of the very best, and by reading it you’re on the cutting edge of the field.